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In need of a Manager who can take over the coordination and organization in your business?  

With our Business Management Services package we can assist you getting your Business Management matters in place. 

With Our Global Reach, Nothing is Impossible.


Let our Business Managers oversee operations, licensing, renewals, government coordination, accounting, audit and much more while you reach your top productivity levels. Our Business Manager may also supervise or train new employees, help a business reach its operational and financial objectives. 

This is where our Business Management Solutions can play a vital role, by obtaining concrete information and providing you with modern solutions to make an intelligent decision.

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Business Management

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We Provide High-Quality Service


At Stoix, we value your matters as it is our own. We are a proud Multi-Family office and a trusted business consultants in the Middle East serving our international private clients from Europe, Asia and other parts of the globe. 

Trust in Business Relationship, Trusted Partner

We attach mutual respect, accountability and success to the relationship.

Private VS Public

Discretion seems to be a value that has become almost obsolete. We keep you Private matters Private.

Our Process

Our Working Process

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3. Sign Agreement

You will be presented with your tailored solution. Sign the proposal, transfer the funds and we will do the rest to realize your project within the agreed timeframe.

Other Services

Private Affairs

Your Personal Assistance Guide will help you with your Private matters. View Details to find out more.

Business Services

Business Setup and Administration can be overwhelming. Let our Personal Assistant guide you through the process.

Banking & Finance

Stoix can provide you with Banking Solutions for your Personal, Business, Investment and Brokerage needs.

Residency and Citizenship

Thinking of changing your residency or apply for a second citizenship? 

Estate Planning

Arrange your personal legacy and family affaires in a manner that suits your wishes.

Management Services

Stoix provides supervision, inspection, quality control, consultation, accounting, regulatory support and more.

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How We Can Help You Overcome These Challenges

Commitbiz offers a comprehensive portfolio of business management and advisory services that can help you overcome your business management challenges, reduce costs, enhance revenues, and increase your profit while keeping your business goals in mind. Our key business consultancy services include:

  • Feasibility Study
  • Project Planning
  • Software Consultancy
  • Corporate Finance Services
  • Credit Analysis
  • Risk Analysis
  • Business Amalgamations
  • Business Valuation
  • Due Diligence
  • Business Performance Management

Complete Portfolio of Business Management Services to Transform Your Emerging Business to a Revenue Generating Machine!

Stoix is as a one-stop-solution provider offering business advisory services to aspiring global investors in the UAE. Our expertise in identifying the right investment avenues for our clients in the Middle East, and providing them with the consultancy to make their commercial vision come true in accordance to the specified rules and regulations has earned us an unbeatable reputation in the industry.

Business Management Challenges Faced by Corporates

Rightly said – it is easy to set up a business but difficult to manage it effectively. Corporates face multiple challenges while trying to set up a business in a foreign location, few of those challenges are:

  • Lack of proper hierarchy & reporting structure
  • Employees unhappy with the management
  • A high attrition rate of the employees
  • Inability in proper planning and finance management
  • Under-utilization of the employees’ potential


  • Inability to measure performance and productivity of the employees
  • No time to strategize and expand the business
  • Inefficiency in validating financial viability of the business
  • Lack of risk analysis and credit analysis